High quality consumables for excellent renovation results. Liners, Spot-liners, Top-Hats, Resins, & More.


Technically mature  equipment for lining. 

Push & CCTV Cameras, Inversion Drums, Steam Generators, Wet-out Tables & More.


Power Cutter Multi-Functional Robotic system with perfectly coordinated modules.

Capable of 6" to 32"

Spray Lining

The revolutionary "spray technology" for the economical renovation of smaller pipes, especially in the in-house area.

uv technic

UV systems with pioneering features for maximum flexibility. From 3" to 80" and systems capable 3,000'.

Demo Equipment

Interested in seeing a UV Curing or Multi-Functional Cutter System Demonstration?

From Coast to Coast we are available for equipment Demos!


On behalf of IST, we wish you, your family, & team the best to get past this anomaly. As we monitor the situation, we will continue conforming to the necessary protocols set forth by the various government agencies. Should we have to cease any service or parts will update this notification promptly. Fortunately, we are considered an essential service with no intention of service delays.


Updated April 20, 2020