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Front Camera
Self Leveling High Resolution Front Camera
Standard Train
6"-20" 9x400W=3,600 Watts
Standard Plus Light Train
6"-24" 9x400/650W=5,850 Watts
Double Core
26"-60" 8x1,000W=8,000 Watts
Medium Light Train
26"-63"(up to 10MM) 9x1,000W=9,000 Watts
Double Six Core
48"-72" 12x1,000W=12,000 Watts
Triple Core
48"-80" 9x2,000W=18,000 Watts
Medium Booster
Capable of supplying up to
9,000 Watts on Compact
12,000 Watts on Professional
Maxi Boaster
Capable of providing your Professional System with 18,000 Watts
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Configurations Concepts

Small Cans-Low Res
Large Cans-Low Res
Elliptical 28x40
Elliptical 24x36
Various Deflection Rollers
Integrated Blower
Can Be Controlled By The UV Console's Software
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