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I.S.T. offers two distinct styles of UV Curing Systems 

Our Scalable System,                     , is a highly customizable system that is designed to grow with the user. It can start as a compact system or control cabinet and use boosters to reach powers of 18,000 watts!  Curing Ranges are 6"-80" with Cable up to 1,050'.

Our more advanced system,                           , was designed with long distant Water & Gas lines in mind. Offering 3,000' Cable Lengths with full telemetry capabilities to measure the wavelength output as well as the surface temperature. It is the most advanced system available. The multiple sensors provide rich data with accuracy needed to precisely cure pressure or water main liners.


Regardless of System, I.S.T. always offers

Simultaneous Recording: Front & Rear Cameras

Software Controlled Blowers: Automate Your Air Pressure

Ignition Assistant Interface: Timed Start & Stopping of Lamps

CAN-Bus Powered: Same As Automotive, Aviation, Navigation, & More..

Military Grade Slip Rings: Found on Battleships & Air Traffic Control Towers

Remote Access Troubleshooting: Our Systems Can Be Remotely Fixed Via Cellular

Siemens PLC Technology: Our Platform Back-Bone Is Based On The Same As Automation

Both systems are offered as Compact or Desktop layouts.

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Scalable design allows for the system to grow with the user. 

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Designed for Water & Gas Lines in mind.

Multiple Sensors for precise Cure needs.

Robust Data Capture